KURT'S REPAIR SERVICE  ***Free Estimates***

Kurt's provides expert repair service on most digital, and film cameras. We can also repair Kodak slide projectors and possibly do minor repair some of the older motion picture film projectors.  It is difficult to list everything that we do and do not work on, but here is a general guide to help you know whether you should send us your camera or not.

We recommend to call or Email to confirm if we can work on your specific model camera.


    • Canon cameras and lenses
    • Nikon cameras and lenses
    • Sony cameras and lenses
    • Pentax cameras
    • Panasonic compact cameras
  • 35mm FILM SLR

    • Nikon
    • Canon
    • Pentax
    • Minolta
    • Olympus
    • Nikonos IV
    • Nikonos V

    • Mamiya
    • Some Pentax

    • Most cameras and shutters
  • MISC.

    • Kodak slide projectors
    • Large format cameras and lenses

We  recommend calling to confirm if we work on your specific model camera. If you do not see your camera listed or if you have any doubt, always feel free to call or Email.

We do NOT service video cameras or motion picture film cameras.

We service Kandao cameras for warranty and out of warranty repairs.

Kandao Authorized Warranty Service

Expert repair for your Kandao cameras, covered under warranty or not. Quick, reliable service by authorized professionals. Trust us to keep your Kandao gear in peak condition.

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