Sensor Cleaning Service

Our Sensor Cleaning Service Includes:

  • cleaning of all exterior surfaces
  • cleaning of mirror box/sensor area
  • cleaning of view finder best possible without disassembly
  • check of all camera functions for good working order

We take before and after evaluation photos to identify and confirm that all spots have been removed during the cleaning process

Interesting facts about dust and image sensors

Many camera owners believe dust spots on pictures are caused by dust specs they see inside their lens but this is a misconception. Individual specs inside a lens will not show in pictures as defined spots. 

If a dust spot inside a lens is large enough, it could cause a distortion in the image but is not likely to show as a dark area. However, If a large enough spot is on the rear element of a lens it may cause a large, shadowy looking spot in the image.

Need Your Camera Sensor Cleaned?

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have regarding sensor cleaning here.