Have a Nikon DSL D750, D90?

Does it give you an "ERR" Code?

Fix it fast with Kurts- Anywhere in the US

3 Day Turn Around Guaranteed!

  • Send It In

    Start your hassle-free repair journey! Simply pack your camera and send it to us. Our streamlined process ensures your precious equipment is in safe hands from the moment it leaves yours. No queues, no waiting. Just a straightforward mail-in service designed for your convenience.

  • We Fix It

    Your camera deserves the best, and that's what we deliver. Our team of expert technicians gets straight to work, diagnosing and repairing with precision and care.

  • Speedy & Secure Return

    The wait is over before you know it. Once repaired, your camera is carefully packaged and swiftly sent back to you. 3 day turn around guaranteed!

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